October 22, 2012

Hey Ann, Is That The Best You Got?

I'm not one to get political on my blog, but I don't think this is really a political issue. And I hate to mention Ann Coulter.

I know she is using the word "retard" to get attention. But enough is enough.

Ann, using that word doesn't make you funny. It doesn't make you look smart. It doesn't make a point about anyone or anything (other than maybe your own lack of class). It certainly doesn't make a point about Obama (the supposed "retard" in this scenario). A comment like this doesn't count as political commentary. If school yard name calling is the best you can do for an argument against the president, then I'm feeling pretty confident about this election.

It does make you look ignorant and mean.

That "retard" you mention is a human being. He's a person deserving of the respect and kindness due to all people. Yes, Ann, even to people like you who feel the need to insult others just to make themselves feel better.

Because, Ann, when you call someone a retard, you aren't insulting the president. You are insulting this boy.


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