March 20, 2012


The last few days have been lovely. Moe has been mellow. He's been falling asleep early and sleeping through the night. He did a great job in speech on Monday, though he was a little tired. Yesterday when I picked him up from school, they said he had one of his best days ever. He worked hard and was well-regulated.

It turns out he has strep.

It has gone through the class like, well, like a bacterial infection. At this point, a couple kids have had it, as well as a few of the teachers.

It's so hard to know when Moe is really sick. He didn't seem to be in a great deal of pain. The one time I had strep as a kid I remember walking around with a bottle of Chloraseptic spray. He hasn't been eating great, but that could be from any number of reasons. Maybe his throat hurt, but maybe he was just being picky, which happens sometimes. He didn't have a fever. All I could say was, he seemed "off," a little sleepy but certainly not lethargic.

He would sit on the couch and watch TV with me. It was nice.

Then this morning, I noticed a rash on Moe's stomach and back. It wasn't a terrible rash, and easily could have been something that was from a skin sensitivity. Then I read an email from another mom in Moe's class telling me that others in his class had tested positive. I figured it was time to get him swabbed.

That was not an easy task. I'm so grateful to have a pediatrician who doesn't think I'm crazy every time I bring Moe in when he seems "off." I try not to be overly worried, but with Moe I can only go with my gut. I was able to get Moe in a pretty good hold on my lap, and she got the swab. He was already upset being there, and he was not pleased about having a cotton swab shoved down his throat. Fortunately, he recovered quickly. He's usually good like that.

I'm glad I trusted my mom-sense on this one. We started the antibiotics today and he already seems to be feeling better.

In fact, he's in his bed right now, having trouble falling asleep. Just like usual.


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