March 26, 2010

Opportunity Knocks

A few days ago, I got a most unexpected call. Jill Asher, founder of Silicon Valley Moms Group, asked me to blog with them! The group started with just one blog (Silicon Valley Moms Blog) and a few writers, all local parents. Since then, they have expanded and include separate, sister blogs for areas around the country, including Los Angeles, Ohio and DC Metro.

I had wanted to write for them, but I could never figure out how to apply. Then one day, I saw a post that they were looking for new writers. I applied but didn't hear back, and I've been so busy getting set up with Signing Time that I forgot all about it. But this week, they called, and now I'm going to be blogging there as well.

I'm excited to have an opportunity to write some things that I might not write about on this blog. My topics can be broader in scope, and allow me to write about issues I care about or adventures we have outside of the autism spectrum. The group will also provide some great networking opportunities with involved parents in the area, and give me some more exposure as a writer.

Because I'll be writing in a more public forum, I've decided to use pseudonyms for the kids. You might notice that I'm now using Moe and Jelly Belly throughout this blog, and will use the same names over there. Moe was a nickname from before he was born, when we needed something to call our yet unnamed son. It comes from nicknames my brother and grandfather gave to each other, Moe and Curly, from the Three Stooges, which they used to watch together. My brother was Moe, and since we knew we'd honor him with our first child's name, it was fitting. Jelly Belly is a nicknamed I've been calling the baby, and I think it suits her.

I'm not blogging there quite yet. I've submitted my bio and a photo and am getting set up with their blogging platform. But I am already working on my first post, and will link to it when it happens! If you are interested in seeing what they are about, especially if you are a parent, click on the link above in this post, or on the button in the sidebar to the right.

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  1. Welcome to SV Moms. I look forward to reading your posts!


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